California DUI resources.


Have you been accused of a DUI in San Diego?  Below are a few resources to help.


Bail Bonds

If you or a friend are in the San Diego Central Jail for a DUI arrest be sure to call Sanctuary Bail Bonds.  The owner, Ryan Mullinax, will personally take your call and do everything in his power to get you out of jail ASAP!

Call our San Diego Bail Bonds office today!


If you get a dui in San Diego, call Sanctuary Bail Bonds.




San Diego DUI Lawyer

Just because someone has been accused of a DUI does not mean they are guilty of it.  There are many factors which can lead to a false arrest for DUI.  Call Mike Runkle over at Seneca Law Group for a consultation today.




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SR-22 Insurance

Get to your insurance before the MVD does.  Call the guys over at BreatheEasy Insurance to find out what you need to do to keep your insurance company from finding out about your DUI.

SR-22 insurance.