Here at My DUI Checkpoint our goal is to keep California drivers safe by providing as much DUI checkpoint information as possible.  It is shown that when DUI checkpoints are well publicized, the rate of accidents related to alcohol drop by 20%.  We believe that informed drivers leads to safer roads and contributes to the reduction of accidents. We believe that when drivers are informed of DUI checkpoints, they will be supplied with additional motivation to make the right decisions and arrange for safe transportation. We also provide resources in case someone does make a bad decision, drove while drunk and got arrested for a DUI.


Free DUI Checkpoint Texts

A well informed driver is a good driver.  Let us keep you up to date on all the DUI checkpoints in your neighborhood.  Just text DUI to 585858.  Our service will respond to you and then you can choose which cities you would like to receive DUI checkpoint information.


DUI Checkpoint City Codes

If you’d rather just skip the above step and send a text for a specific city, here are the codes.

Just text the city code to 585858.  For example, if you want to receive San Diego DUI checkpoint updates you would send DUISD to 585858.

Free DUI checkpoint text alerts to your phone!

  1. DUISD – San Diego DUI checkpoints
  2. DUILA – Los Angeles DUI checkpoints
  3. DUIOC – Orange County DUI checkpoints
  4. DUIIE – Inland Empire DUI checkpoints
  5. DUINORCAL – Northern California DUI Checkpoints
  6. DUIOTHER – Other areas in California



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We are proud supporters of responsible drinking.  Please use My DUI Checkpoint as a tool for safe driving and check back often for DUI checkpoint updates.